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4 Rivers Floating lodge

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4 Rivers Floating Lodge offers luxury villas on stilts, in nature on the river Tatai, with view on the Cardamom mountains, which have been designed with a thorough commitment to nature protection.

Many activities can be arranged for this luxurious lodge: kayaking, massage, excursions to the waterfalls... The gourmet restaurant offers Asian and Western cuisine with vegetarian options.

Responsible stance

These attractive villas in nature have been built with Green materials in order to protect the surrounding forest. The ground of the lodges is a composite of wood and plastic, to be less often replaced than if it was only wood and so in order to protect the forest. This composite plastic is 100% from recycled plastic.
Tent-shaped structures are not permanent in order to consider the end of the project without lasting impression.
The ceilings are designed to allow natural ventilation. Members are made from a plant, the hyacinth aquatic, naturally present in abundance in the surrounding area. All was built on the strength of the man, with no big machine.

RESOURCES: Energy and water
Solar energy is used 12heurs/24. The choice of the provider of solar panels has been very meticulous (refusal to work with those who recommended to cut trees for more Sun). The rest of the time a generator to biodiesel made from cooking oil, to fill the rest.
A water treatment system has been implemented.

A waste management system to introduce no pollutants in the river and the surrounding area. The toilet can also do not introduce bacteria into the environment. A very strict policy of dismissal has been implemented pollution by employees.
For meals to take on the trips, are packed in paper bags, bought from a producer known throughout the manufacturing process.
Access to the lodge is required by boat. There are only 2 boats per day, operating under strict conditions for the use of fuel and minimum noise reduction in order to limit this impact.

Internal policy forbids employees to kill or eat the animals in the immediate environment of the establishment.

4 Rivers is committed to use local and allow them to develop their skills. More than 60 local participated in the construction of the lodge, which 20 became members of the staff. Partnerships and the use of premises are favoured as much as possible. 4 rivers also encourages its customers to spend time with the locals to understand the local culture.

Vegetarian meals are available in the restaurant of the hotel where local ingredients are favored.

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