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8thlife, Hostel fortuna

Las Tricias, SPAIN


8th life is a comprehensive research and development in permaculture.
It is also a place that offers courses in permaculture and an eco-village in construction.
It is located in La Palma, one of the Canary Islands, in a framework of nature absolutely beautiful and integrated in a small village.

On-site, in a large adjoining classic House we offer accommodation, the Hostel Fortuna.
It has a single for three people, as well as room for a cot. It is very simple but very nice, there are dry toilets, a bathroom and a kitchen perfectly convenient.

Come here, afford to discover the island by sharing the fantastic lifestyle of the inhabitants and discovering an innovative environmental initiative. 8th life being a place of integral permaculture research, we want to integrate this accommodation to our approach by offering a holiday themes. This year we chose the theme to be assistance in parenting.

PS: It's an absolutely beautiful place and I am in love with the island and its inhabitants, so I want to offer a hosting service tourist with small integrated, and unusual trips in total connection with the sense that I want to given to tourism which is assistance to the development of the first peoples in their territory. These excursions will follow of course the common thread of the theme in force if interested vacationers!
I propose an accommodation that allows to reflect in an extraordinary setting on the transitions human, inner and outer wear to feel good!

Responsible stance

The accommodation is part of the logic of the project 8thlife: permaculture, Eco-citizenship, entrepreneurship for a sustainable and ecological world, take the time like take care of itself in its authentic nature,...

Particular note dry toilets.


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