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Abbaye de Neumünster

Luxembourg, LUXEMBOURG

The Abbey of Neumünster, Neimenster in Luxembourg, is a center of meetings and exchanges, which has based its activity on the theme "dialogue of cultures, culture of dialogue".

During your stay in the Luxembourg, feel free to check their program of exhibitions, concert hall or outdoors during summer, conferences, and more if affinity. For living in front of the Abbey, I assure you that it is one of the places the more sides of the Luxembourg, located in the heart of the historic city, the Grund, in the Valley of the Luxembourg. You have the chance to be in the middle of the city, in a simple and lovely, setting beside the river Alzette. A real charm!

Neumünster Abbey also has its own brewery, which regularly organizes programs of culinary discoveries. You will find also the most beautiful and the most typical of the Luxembourg souvenir shops. Most of the items sold are created by creators Luxembourg, even a cup of coffee or a glass of beer Boerferding, becomes a work of art!

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