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Aborigen Café

Santa Marta, COLOMBIA

A café-restaurant, cute, with a small internal terrace for coffee taste organic and vegetarian breakfast.

First, we tested the desayunos (breakfast) 15 000 Cup (€4 50). I loved did not know what to choose, so the choice is varied, from breakfast traditional Colombian arepas, until the Granola-yogurt-fruit, and eggs through the continental classic, complete with choice of coffee or juice.

Can be a bit expensive but not as long as it either - we know what to expect because the Café is located in the Carrera 3, that's to say the pedestrian tourism per excellence, but very cute. We went back there for a frappucino and a cake, just as good. Don't have to test lunches...

Responsible stance

100% vegetarian and coffee and organic chocolate, with vegan - all in a charming corner options...

Too bad for the straws :(anyway. Do not forget to ask without

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