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Aurangabad, INDIA
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Our agency offers tours in the region of Aurangabad in Maharashtra. This region in the center of the India is best known for the caves of Ellora and Ajanta, classified world heritage of UNESCO but was also twice as capitals of the country. This historical past, remains unknown and hidden monuments that guidebooks like Lonely Planet does not describe. We want to know this history and culture of this region to tourists.

We also offer an experience of life at the inhabitant where the evening meal is shared with the family.

Responsible stance

Environmental: We are forced to use a car but we decide to use a small car to reduce gasoline consumption. Meals taken in the family are exclusively vegetarian and a vegan option is proposed heritage: we work with "Aurangabad history society". Two historians are at the head of this association, Dulari and Rafat Quershi. They organize walks legacies that allow to raise the awareness of the exceptional heritage of Aurangabad. The association also funds research on the past of the city.

Social: We work with the NGO Savitribai Phule Mandal. This organization helps women in trouble by teaching them a trade. There are three different occupations: sewing, crafts aestheticism and the kitchen. In addition, they have a pole for the poorest health. We support the couture pole by buying their products to offer to our customers in a Welcome packs.

Authenticity: We reduce our tours to three people not to disturb the places visited.

This address has been shared on 01/02/2018 by Vincent Pasmo , the establishment itself.


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