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Alfalfa House

This place has not been visited yet, but was found by Elisabeth Gournay. If you know this place, you can add more infos about it by pressing the "I tried it!" button down on the right!

Tiny ethical shop, offering eco-friendly, organic products, bulk in which you will find fruits and vegetables not calibrated but bios and fresh, beauty products type soaps, solid shampoos, toothbrush bamboo as well as a wide range of products "dairy" vegan (cheese or vegetable milks) also. Small but complete anyway. Quite expensive however... that's all what we could blame him!

Responsible stance

The shop is actually a cooperative non-profit and profits come back to members.

Here are some points on which they commit particularly:
-Traceability of products, which is essential for them, they pay therefore particularly attention to the selection of their suppliers that they prefer local
-They make the choice of food whole, inexpensive, produced in an ethical manner, ensure that production is always carried out without any animal cruelty and prefer foods that are vegetarians, vegans and biological
-They make sure minimize the waste of resources including plastics and packaging, therefore, encourage the reuse and recycling
They support other cooperatives in the same movement
-They stimulate community development, enact the spirit of community and a sustainable lifestyle.


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