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Alpes Bivouac

Annecy, FRANCE
Glamping Doing Nature

For an unusual stay but especially in the heart of nature, I advise you to appeal to Alpes bivouac. Here, prepare to spend a night, or several, in bivouac on a well-landscaped camp.

I had the chance to go there to celebrate the end of the season. After a short walk, right in the heart of the forest, we went to the camp. During this walk, the Guide took the time to explain the specificities of the region and the vegetation.
Personally I was enchanted and seduced by the place, from the first steps on the site. I felt good, in the middle of the forest, in the heights. We had a great evening, and a nice night in their nomadic tents.
In the morning, I started my day observing the Sunrise, in the middle of the mountain, in the utmost calm. Then we all found each other to have a great breakfast.
In winter you can sleep in igloos, made by the small hands of the company!
Well you'll understand, for me it was only happiness!

Responsible stance

Here you are offered to rediscover nature, to respect it, to understand it. But also to understand the know-how and resources of the region. In fact, aperitifs, meals and breakfasts are made with local products and are homemade.
For the aperitif you will find craft beers, served in eco-cups.

During your stay, you will be in complete connection with nature without electricity, without shower and with dry toilets. You are here to find yourself and your loved ones.
The accommodation is completely eco-designed, 100% recyclable, autonomous in energy and resistant to mountain conditions.
In my opinion, the bivouac is totally integrated into the environment, we had to arrive on the site to realize that there was something in this place.

Alpes bivouac has a sustainable development Charter, in a few points:
-Social: contribute to the well-being and health of employees, propose an offer accessible to the greatest number...
-Economy: to ensure a reasoned and responsible purchasing policy, to contribute to the development of a sustainable tourism 4 seasons, to promote local economic influence: purchase, production, subcontracting, employment, innovation.
-Environment: to sensitize visitors to eco-responsibility, to offer a concept respectful of the environment and to ensure the preservation of the natural space, optimize the waste treatment and the durability of the products...


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