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Alto Atacama Desert Lodge & SPA

San Pedro de Atacama, CHILE
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A very nice hotel five stars of 42 rooms, which fits perfectly in the Atacama desert, thanks to the incredible landscape architecture which to aims to replicate that of the Andean villages.

Beware, this is a very large luxury property: it takes minimum €1000 for 2 with full Board.

Responsible stance

-Purification of water by reverse osmosis system (the water of the region is neither drinking nor adapted to irrigation, due to its salinity) allowing its use for the restaurant, laundry and the SPA.
-Treatment system of wastewater use for irrigation of the soup and the garden.
-Biodegradable products.
-To encourage guests to reuse towels and sheets.
-Pool heated by solar energy.
-Use of a natural thermal insulation technique ancestral Atacamena which keeps the heat in winter and keep the rooms cool in summer.
-Sorting: recyclable materials sent to an organization in Santiago, glass distributed to associations and organic waste used for compost him the hotel.
-90% of the materials used for the construction is from the Atacama.
-50% of jobs in the hotel back to the Atacamena population.

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