Picture of the place


Cartagena, COLOMBIA

A restaurant that seems pretty high-end, thanks to its high ceiling and the atmosphere that prevails. Yet the restaurant practice the same prices that elsewhere (average range) and the plates are good and nicely served.

However, it should be noted that the service is a bit long.

We recommend the Quinoa risotto, absolutely delicious. However to avoid the lasagna with vegetables, a little bland, Eggplant and spinach lasagna can be better.

Responsible stance

What of course loved it's a whole card dedicated to vegetarians. Once seated, indeed, the server will offer you to choose between the vegetarian or carnivorous card. Don't worry about the flexi, you also have the right to watch the 2!

The restaurant which was previously entirely vegetarian decided to diversify to show carnivores that they can have a healthy diet and enjoy good vegetables. We love this open-minded approach.

It is possible to ask all the dishes in vegan version. And the service is very open to any change for allergy. I personally asked for a dish without garlic and this caused no problem, as there was in the original recipe.

The restaurant is a family business.
Finally, the majority of the products are organic.


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