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The Antsanitia Resort is a small resort hotel of family type located at the end of the track, between 2 villages of fishermen. The villagers are in the hotel and the hotel among the villagers because the trail that connects the 2 villages walks through the hotel... The site invites to the meeting between vacationers and villagers.

Far, very far from the tumult of the world and of the city, the Antsanitia Resort overlooks a undeniably unique site, born from the marriage of the waters of the river and those of the Indian ocean. Inevitably, you'll love the beauty of the landscape and the serenity it gives off.

Animations within the hotel are many and here at Antsanitia Resort, we love that vacationers themselves contribute to animations: song, music, dance, magic, sport, etc...

Responsible stance

"Sustainable tourism" is the watchword at Antsanitia Resort.

80% of the staff of the hotel are villagers and priority is given to local purchases (fish, shellfish, fruits, vegetables, eggs, etc...).

Antsanitia Resort is also a participatory institution or makers behave in a respectful and responsible and where he is welcome to bring the villagers his skills and professional expertise (health, education, culture, livestock, environment, etc...).

All these actions are federated within the hotel association, AMADA

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