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Aquicuana Reserve

Riberalta, BOLIVIA
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The Aquicuana Reserve (Área Protegida y Reserva Natural Aquicuana) is an area of incredible biodiversity is located about 20 kilometers from the city of Riberalta in the Beni Department of the Bolivian Amazon. It is home to Lake San José, the plant-medicine retreat center Pisatahua, and two rural communities: San José and Warnes. Its name, Aquicuana, comes from the Tacana native language, meaning ‘land of the giant trees.’

Meanwhile, nature dictates its law here. Both communities live in the dry and wet season and all activity must be adapted to it. Whether it is agriculture or tourism, the pace changes depending on the season. During the dry season it is possible to wander through the jungle to explore the flourishing nature of the reserve. It is a little more difficult during the wet season when parts of the reserve are not accessible.

This reserve ensures the protection of nature but it also allows its observation. It is possible thanks to the years of work of both associations and communities to observe a multitude of animals of the Amazon in a natural and protected environment. It is an ideal place for the observation of the fauna (fish, birds, mammals and insects) and the flora.

Responsible stance

No waste in the Reserve
No fishing for commercial purposes allowed
No hunting allowed

This address has been shared on 11/10/2018 by Sustainable Bolivia , the establishment itself.


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