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Arte y Passion Café


Is not only an excellent place where a delicious coffee in Bogota, it is the best school of barista of the country, just like that.

I discovered this wonder thanks to Hector, my guide during the free food tour that we followed in Bogota. And I'm very happy. In addition to offering the choice of all the regions of Colombia coffee and the choice among all the ways possible to prepare coffee, prices are not very high. In addition, the service, obviously made by the pupils is adorable. Personally I was so happy the bear hand-drawn in my latte, the young barista who took care of me, gave me a second latte to make me this time a Lion. The happiness!

NB: I have not tried but I saw on the website that they offered courses of initiation and probably tasting.

Responsible stance

Of course the premium Colombian coffee, which is not easy to find in Colombia because all the best coffee is exported. But the school also has a foundation that allows him to train young people in trades of barista.

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