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Pedasi, PANAMA

Small adorable shop of crafts from all corners of the Panama, of all cultures of this country who are much more numerous and more varied as it sounds.

We wanted to walk away with half of the shop: the craft shoe of Los Santos leather colored, earrings from all corners of the country, clothes in the Kuna Molas and tissue Embera, typical masks of the region,... Fortunately that there still 4 months of travel in our otherwise we would have taken everything, especially me :D

In addition to being too pretty, this shop offers extremely reasonable prices and more choices than the shops in Casco Viejo in Panama City.

Responsible stance

Everything is handcrafted, made by hand and traditional or inspired by traditions. The charming owner of the shop, a montpelieraine, has gradually to the son of the years, met artists and craftsmen from across to the Panama which became its suppliers.

If you have time (I hope that this is the case) do not hesitate to ask questions, she will tell you about each of the artists and of the traditions and cultures that behind every object, clothing, jewelry...

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