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Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, COSTA RICA
Animals Workshop Nature Tour Volunteering

ATEC is a responsible organiser of authentic discoveries in Puerto Viejo, the village of backpackers!

Ecotourism Talamancaise (ATEC) is the association by which he must spend to organize tours around Puerto Viejo. The association promotes a sustainable tourism by working with facilities including indigenous people, to create tours with them and by them, around their culture, activities and skills. With the ATEC it is possible to organize excursions on foot or on horseback, canoe, from the observation of turtles of the seas or birds, visit local farms or indigenous villages.

NB: it is possible to volunteer for ATEC and also in the association for the protection of turtles.

Responsible stance

The association allows locals to live of their initial activity while developing a new activity guide. It allows them to maintain their lifestyle while providing the traveller.

All activities proposed by ATEC are turned either towards the protection of the nature or to the protection of the indigenous culture or both.

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