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Au rythme d'Arduinna

Touligny, FRANCE
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Live to the rhythm of the Ardennes Nature!

In our guesthouse of straw and clay, you find the peace and the environment soothing natural materials, from the comfort of the winter garden, the vegetable garden and the garden view.

You want to immerse yourself in nature even more?
We also offer our trailer to accommodate you. installed in a green pasture. You will have access to the eggs of the nearby House, the Orchard fruit and vegetables from the garden. And why not cook it in the oven?

Soon, we will offer you ds escaped in a traveling caravan depending on our country roads... We prepare our Ardennes draft horse...

Responsible stance

The guest room is located in our frame house wood, straw, insulated walls in mud, natural paints, and we offer breakfast jams and homemade Apple juice.

Caravan accommodation offers to go a bit further: solar lighting, no electricity, cooking with fire wood, fruits and vegetables in the vegetable garden, eggs from the chicken coop, in the quiet and green!

This address has been shared on 03/05/2018 by Corinne , the establishment itself.


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