Picture of the place

Au Vin Diu

Montpellier, FRANCE

The Food truck "to the IUD wine" is both a wine shop, wine bar ephemeral offering boards and an event organizer oenological. Everything was created by Aude and Vincent, both wine enthusiasts, including the contraction of the first names, associated with the God Bacchus formed "to Diu wine".

They offer a great selection of wines that are organic and products from the Languedoc Roussillon region. They want to bring a fresh and uninhibited look to understand the world of wine. The idea is to put forward the authenticity and conviviality in a spirit of sharing and discovery.

Responsible stance

Wine IUD offers a couple of organic wine in the three colors of regional reference with a desire to highlight new areas. The sign refers also 4 beers from organic farming.
In addition, the plates of charcuterie and cheeses are products from the region to discover on planks of wood and slate.


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