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Auberge Yves Robert


The beautiful hostel, Pajol Street, the Canal saint martin, two East station which in addition to its construction design, is all wood, 100% eco-sustainable and certified very high energy Performance. It offers a nice green area, with a garden planted with trees and pools of water plants. Composed of 100 rooms, the building is located in the heart of an eco-district, exemplary in terms of sustainable development and great living.

Good on the other hand, inside decoration of the rooms it seems we can do better.

Responsible stance

So we said already: Eco-wood construction, certified very high energy Performance.

But let's also talk about accessibility:
For disabilities for common use toilets are adapted so be 5 rooms, 12 beds. For visual disabilities of the sound terminals at the entrance of the hostel and the show room, have been installed as well as multisensory plans on each floor and tactile cues to ground. And for the hearing impairment of the bright flashes coupled to the audible alarm fire, a portable magnetic loop at reception and the Auditorium have been implemented.

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