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Montpellier, FRANCE
Coffee Shop Restaurant

It is with my good friend Lolo I discovered this small restaurant/coffee shop I like. A store in the category healthy coffee, but for real for once, since in the kitchen, Madam to a degree in nutrition.

It's good and healthy, and it's always easy to there be complicated (veg, no. glu, no garlic, no straw...). We promised to come back, but we haven't found the time. It is very small, the décor is lovely and the service equally. Loved the soup and the poke bowl we shared.

Responsible stance

Here, you guessed, all the trends and intolerances are allowed: gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, or vegan. But mostly everything is fresh and home-made and mainly season and local if possible.

Here of course not of plastic straw

Side decoration, tables are made by hand from recycled wood and chairs are recycling.

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