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Aux Grands Enfants

Montpellier, FRANCE

Located on the ground - to - ground of the cloud, this restaurant, designed by the creators of my first canteen, is in perfect harmony with the cloud. Its concept than restoration. Entirely designed by Philippe Starck, great children, is a place of life open to all, 7 days on 7, which offers also a large terrace along the Park Charpak and his incredible sculpture of Tolerance.

Thanks to the creativity of Philippe STARCK, the restaurant-café-bar offers a bold atmosphere created by the portholes that allow to see the bottom of the pool by the ceiling.

Great children, regularly organizes evenings and AfterWork:
-Tuesday's Social Club-want-Zouk-bachata
-Wednesday is 100% girly
-Thursday is DJ and AfterWork-Tapa
-Friday-GoodTimes-groove and funk

Responsible stance

HOME made: All of the dishes are fully cooked on-site from raw products or traditional kitchen products.

OF the producers VALORISES: on the map are shown the producers that supply the restaurant (only for products of the sea and the Corsican charcuterie) - Patrice Breseghello provides Bouzigues oysters, fish and shellfish come from Coast & Sea Duck, salmon smoked Saumoneraie of St Martin of Crau
Meat is French, the Charcuterie is Spanish and Corsican of the Casa Vezzni.

Input, an option we tested: Miss roblochon Tiramisu, apples and onions candied - a bit heavy but to share it was delicious;
A salad, we also tested: the ash, pasta salad with Arugula, mozzarella and delicious dressing - rather hearty;
A dish: the filled to the Parmesan gnocchi casserole (we have not tested);
Several plates of tapas: churros of potatoes in paprika, roast camembert, vegetables dips.
And the ability to add a bowl of accompanying vegetables, mashed potatoes or salad. The bowl of vegetables was delicious!

the brunch consists among other things of breads, juice, yogurt, organic granola

BRUNCH and Stock management:
The Brunch consists of a very attractive buffet. Tested once, we loved, but not had the time to actually observe the management stock which is always critical for a buffet... A remake so!

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Voy'actors comments

Entretemps le restau toujours aussi joli est devenu une autre "Ma 1ére cantine"

Le décor demeure, l'équipe est toujours chouette mais le buffet brunch qu'on aimait bien n'y est plus; Ma 1ere cantine déjà en ville au coeur de Montpellier s'est installée ici aussi et pour le coup ses principes de gestion bio, zero déchet,etc

décembre 2018