Picture of the place

Baan Chivit Mai (BCM Bakery)

Chiang Rai, THAILAND
Coffee Shop Bakery Restaurant

A bakery/restaurant with a pretty varied: Marzipan, Sands and cakes... pastries and more recently, BCM Bakery began offering Thai cuisine while continuing to serve traditional dishes, like meatballs Swedish with the cranberries and some other western dishes. Personally I just tried for breakfast but to re - test so...

Responsible stance

Baan Chivit may which means "A home for a new life", here is a coffee/bakery but is also and especially a local association and independent Thai who saved hundreds of children and young people from a life of prostitution and trafficking of drug. Thanks the Department of BCM, children and youth at risk are offered the opportunity to attend a public school and a safe place to live.

This café/restaurant has a permanent staff of cooks, bakers and servers, however, during the weekends and school breaks, BCM's older children have the opportunity to work in these premises, where they receive ongoing training employment, as well as the opportunity to earn pocket money.

BCM Bakery is also a vital source of information on the Foundation Baan Chivit may. Customers who visit the coffee can read and watch pictures of the different activities of BCM. All profits from the bakery back to the Foundation for save the children in vulnerable situations and give them a better future, so, I wouldn't only recommend to go there too.


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