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Baan Mama

Kanchanaburi, THAILAND
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This rescue center home of the elephants aged, ill or tired. These elephants are often left abandoned without care, without adequate food or water, because they can no longer work in the "traditional camps". The purpose of this rescue center is to bring them a lot of love and care so that they end their lives in good conditions.

Here, we welcome you for a day or several days, for you to discover the life of elephants, raise awareness and offer you special moments with these majestic animals. Volunteerism is also possible (minimum 5 days and 6 nights).

You can also do internships like for example "elephant therapy", for taking the time to get in connection with yourself, but also with the animal of course.

The Center also offers some "unusual hotel" (room in the trees, caves...), and a restaurant.

Responsible stance

This rescue center takes care of elephants who were sentenced to a short and miserable life end, and offers a haven of peace and love - or in any case is the goal.

Activities here clearly have an objectives of elephants and education awareness.

The restaurant offers buffet, vegetarian options and non vegetarian, carried out at base of local and seasonal products. Even the cocktails are prepared with seasonal fruits.

They are putting in place provisions for people with reduced mobility.


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