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Bar Medicinal

Lima, PERU
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In the Medicinal bar, the Chief Jorge Zea, drinks from Peruvian medicinal plants, inspired by his childhood and travels throughout the country.

But that's not all it is a friendly place and very atypical, where you can enjoy homemade flat often vegan as example of lenses and mushroom empanadas or the Brownie double chocolate banana.

Responsible stance

Jorge Zea is intended to make known and re-know the virtues of the plants yet used for thousands of years in the Andes. It is primarily a way to reconnect the Peruvians with their traditions and their culture.

The bar is also a great place to learn how to heal naturally and for a time pleasant, natural and healthy. The chef cultivates him even his plants and if this is not the case they come from family cultures of Aboriginal peoples.

Side yum, so it's quite House and very often vegetarian or vegan

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