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Barry's Eco-Lodge

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Hotel eco-friendly which takes care of nature and the people who live on the island.

Editor's Note: This is Barry and Lina, a couple Australian-nebbish who held property they are all 2 very involved for a green and ethical tourism, and more generally for the community of the island. In any case what portends the site that gives a lot of information on ethical and environmental of the island projects.

Responsible stance

Traditional construction with local materials (bamboo, kadiru have), cut in a limited way. Construction teams provide apprentices for training young people in traditional construction techniques.

The hotel uses a minimum of energy by using natural ventilation, natural lighting. The roofs are built with the thatch of grass that allows the low absorption, solar panels that power the lighting and small electrical needs. The waters are recycled as possible and limited use.

To summarize: insertion, environment, preservation and respect for the environment!


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