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BATbat Colomiers

Colomiers, FRANCE
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Responsible stance

I tested the sea bream Batbat Vietnamese street food, not this one, but the commitment has no reason to be different.

Located point of sale of the Ramassiers, which allows a relaxing break for those who work in nearby business parks.

To the Pho Menu, Bo bun, Che (Tapioca based dessert) and stew to the Vietnamese, all with good products and vegetarian options, as well as gluten. I loved!

I really recommend this quick restaurant, including take-out, because at BaTbAt, they offer containers in glasses with lid under setpoint (2€ 50) and that it's too rare for my taste. Also, beef is 100% french, 80% of Aveyron, lemonade is home, and there are organic and/or artisanal drinks choice.

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