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Batbat Daurade

Toulouse, FRANCE

I tested the sea bream Batbat Vietnamese street food (there are 2 others in Toulouse).
To the Pho Menu, Bo bun, Che (Tapioca based dessert) and stew to the Vietnamese, all with good products and vegetarian options, as well as gluten.

I loved! In summer, we took that Bo Bun but 4 different: taste of summer to the duck, salmon and shrimp, chicken and vegetables for me spring rolls. For dessert, I tested the Che of the day which was raspberry, a treat. I really recommend this quick restaurant, including take-out. We regretted not to take away and eat on the banks.

Responsible stance

Why I so much wish I do not take it away? Because at BaTbAt, they offer containers in glass with lid under setpoint (2€ 50) and it, it's too rare for my taste.
We have not tested of beef dishes, but we had saw that he was 100% french, 80% of Aveyron.

However that could test it with pleasure is the House lemonade, a bio drink tea and a craft beer!

In short a great approach for good Vietnamese fast food, gets noticed!

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