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Belle campagne

Bordeaux, FRANCE

A Bordeaux restaurant very well which showcases local produce and season. All their suppliers are on the card, complete transparency. The kitchen is very good; I hold their excellent carpaccio of veal with chanterelles with vinegar pepper of the landes.

Their kitchen perfectly combines the traditional and the modern, the frame equally. Responsible themed, I especially enjoyed having (true) wood furniture, and the cutlery (true) steel, quality.

Responsible stance

100% local products; It's always greener to limit the transport of food...

Also I noticed, the ashtray at the entrance, psq casually it's easier to not pollute the ocean with our butts when we are given access to an ashtray.

And for the poorest 50cts of additions to the evening dedicated to help the financing of food aid of Bordeaux.

And finally, I enjoyed the showcase entries: "locavore Bistro/bar * offering only fresh, seasonal and local products around creative cuisine and finger food."
With especially small definition * Locavore: nobody advocating the consumption of food produced within a radius of 250 km around his home to contribute to sustainable development.

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