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Remilly-les-Pothées, FRANCE
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Designed to meet all your desires of discovery, we offer a large selection of animations. The goal is to discover or rediscover the Ardennes Department with a new eye.

Natures animations, Rando-topics, discoveries of the environment, entertainment arts and crafts, creative recycling, management and discovery of heritage, creating playful structures (botanical trail, playground,...), Animation homestay. Herbalism...

Regardless of your age, your community, your place of residence, the number of participants, your disability (s), your sex... We adapt to your needs and desires.

Responsible stance

-We propose to act for the local economy, particularly using the Ardennes wood.
-We accept the local currency (the Marcassol).
-Our goal is to contribute to the protection of the heritage of the Ardennes.
-Knowledge and the preservation of nature for everyone, everyone can work at his level. We give you keys to achieve this.

This address has been shared on 12/12/2017 by Benj'Anim , the establishment itself.


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