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BESAP is a shop of second hand (man and woman) located in the heart of Namur, ethical, stylish, vintage and current. The shop is located Street from Carnes, a citizen initiatives for street. between Cinema author, record stores, and vinyl and a citizen coffee, this is the street where to walk!

The goal: satisfy lovers of fashion, in an atmosphere cosy and trendy, with a collection of second hand sorted and selected with care and personalized customer service: advice according to your wishes, your physical stature, complexion, etc... Small + comfort: A sofa corner will delight the band of friends/girlfriends who have the privilege to comment on your session with a good cup of tea between hands and fitting, while being asked.

Responsible stance

The main idea of Besap is to allow everyone to have an alternative to the classic ready-to-wear, when the industry of fashion and textiles, with some exceptions, has become an ecological, economic and social disaster. In order to rebalance the situation in its scale, Besap wishes to register in a reemployment initiative, sustainability and Slow Fashion. It must be said, currently, too many clothes are bought to be just as quickly discarded. We have never even produced clothing that today ' hui

At Besap, you'll have all the advantages of the second hand: budget, reducing your ecological footprint (less clothing products), and participation in the local economy and more. The atmosphere is cocooning but with furniture from the upcycling (second hand restored, trend and modern).

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