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Beyond Colombia Free Walking Tour Bogota


A Free Walking tour of 3-4 h, a fairly complete portrait of the history of Colombia through emblematic places of Candelaria.

Beyond Colombia also offers a Free Food-Tour and other paid tours, we have not tested. Free Food-Tour is very good, however I do not recommend because it involves very many plastic waste that it is possible to avoid going or even taste all Colombian specialties that Bogotá offers.

There are other Free Walking Tours in Bogota, that I have not tested. However, be aware that Beyond Colombia was the first to take Place in Bogota.

Responsible stance

First there is a Free Tour or a walk in free prizes. This means that we pay at the end in price tip as it deems just. This is an excellent way to allow access to all cultural tours, and it is also a way to pay a fair price depending on the quality.

Furthermore, I enjoyed this tour without waffling, whose guides are generally students who want to improve the image of the Colombia and particularly of Bogota with tourists.

Finally, I understand, but I could not check, that Beyond Colombia support communities. I don't know any more...

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