Picture of the place


Villeurbanne, FRANCE

Close to the metro stop "Skyscraper" in Villeurbanne, one Bistro like no others took up residence in an abandoned factory: Welcome to the secessionist Republic and Terroiriste of beers Artisanales!

The Bieristan is a place where we celebrate the local hops in all its forms. Not less than 15 beers from pressures of producers from the corner (of Besançon in the Drôme, Haute-Savoie in Saint-etienne) bring a myriad of flavors - responsible - in your gullet (for pretty decent prices).

But that's not all! Food, the menu changes daily! But in the kitchen, they are busy always find a good flat beer: shoulder of pig farmer lacquered to the "track Maltee" cream of shiitake "Queen Claude" or even home to the "Hoppy Berliner Weisse" ravioli... There will be something that you will crack. If you just want to "snacker", indulge in a little flammekueche.

Level atmosphere, you will not be disappointed: people have a child good soul on both sides of the bar and provide the show, when there is not just a group that is unleashed. Also, a monthly exhibition to appreciate the Art of rising stars of the vintage!

Responsible stance

In beer references come exclusively from the "vicinity" of Lyon thereby live craft breweries in the area. The local choice is also reflected in the plate, the cooks had made the choice of traditional cuisine and gourmet revisited seasonally.

You may have guessed, it's the local and homemade who wear the Bieristan!

Bonus: the furniture comes from recycling ', which gives a certain cachet to this quirky place, both inside and on the terrace.

Second bonus: the Bieristan is a Cooperative Society and participatory (SCOP), a status that brought democracy in business (principle "one man one vote" for example). Not bad!


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