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Bikini Hostel

Palomino, COLOMBIA

A charming lodge, on the main street, designed and maintained by Fred, a good french in the South, soon the fifty who settled here in 2016, by chance. Here, you can probably drink the only Ricard of your trip.

It offers very nice rooms, and dorms, hammocks and even the location of tents. The place is large and can accommodate 50 people, yet we do not at all feel.

Fred is very available, and we had a great time talking to him. It is also the only place where you can be to taste runny scrambled eggs for breakfast, (the American South trend is very very cooked).

Responsible stance

The property is not the most responsible of Palomino, but our eye was drawn to a few elements and we are thrilled:
-Water fountain to avoid water bottles (Fred not stop repeating) 1000CUP/litre
-Recovery of glass bottles to make markets
-uses mainly of natural materials for construction.

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