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Bisate Lodge, Wilderness Safari

Ruhengeri, RWANDA
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This luxury lodge is composed of 6 villas, all the colors of Rwanda, and is located at the entrance to the protected national park in Kinigi, with its active volcanoes and where are the majority of the world's population of mountain gorillas, protected species.

Responsible stance

Visitors are invited to plant a tree to help reforestation. They will then get a gift certificate with the GPS address of their tree. This project is intended to bring back populations of antelopes and birds in the region.

In addition to this, the founders help awareness of the fragility of the places, wildlife, flora, but also the local population. Guides are ready to make you visit the surroundings and accompany you to meet the local population to better understand the fragility of biodiversity.

The lodges are built with local materials (for example, the manure from cows to make soil), rwanda, and colors with depictions of rural life in the place (jar of milk, skins of cows...).

The lodge is intended to be as independent as possible energy. Rainwater is recycled and used for the showers and toilets. Visitors are given to reusable water bottles to limit the use of plastic bottles, and drinking water from sources that are filtered.


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