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Bites foodStand

Cartagena, COLOMBIA

A small stand of handmade desserts served in small jars.

It was an unexpected meeting this little stand of delicious products, lost in the middle of foodtrucks more junkfood than the other. We tasted the brownie and the lemon cheesecake. We recommend you a cheesecake, she has lots of different flavors: lemon, red fruit, passion...

Responsible stance

In addition to being home-made desserts are served in small jars. For us, it was really a nice moment when she came to explain that she borrow the jars and that he should not forget to give back it and not throw away them.

Unfortunately it uses still plastic spoons, we pointed out that it was a shame, do not hesitate to tell him also. But we have no doubt that like us, you will have your own spoon in the Pocket to avoid the problem.

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