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Bivouac Nature

Saint-Jean-du-Gard, FRANCE

On a natural 30-hectare site, near natural bathing in the river Roach and 5 minutes from the village of Saint Jean of Gard, there is a nice place, I appointed nature camp.

This campsite offers 15 slots "ready to camp" equipped with tents, shacks and tents accommodating 3 to 6 persons, each being equipped with toilets.
Great family with a wonderful experience!

Responsible stance

Bivouac Nature is first of all a willingness to allow all special in nature and says full nature says love of nature, landscape integration of accommodations in the nature, conservation and enhancement of existing vegetation and Therefore, respect for the environment:
-Solar panels
-site without car
nature activities for kids and family...
Real values who find themselves down to the choice of the canvases of tents that are made in France and above all who are completely removable, transportable and repairable to limit the footprint.

NB: it will reassure some, déplaira to others but here the Toilets are classic (with flush)

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