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Black Sheep Inn

Chucchilán, ECUADOR

The perfect accommodation for exploring the Quilotoa, an off crater which forms today a beautiful Turquoise Lake, then spend a few days to rest and to enjoy other small hike.

The place is extraordinary commitment, but also comfort and beauty. Here, we're in full Board including breakfast, picnic lunch, dinner family and snacks all day in the free service. It is so nice to go touring and be able to make a good coffee or a hot chocolate with a piece of cake to almonds or a chocolate chip cookie... Meals are also a lovely time, where guests can learn to discover.

The view from the rooms and from the terrace where it is possible to have breakfast are amazing. So, it's a place that's worth, even for the lazy who do not want to go hiking in this beautiful region.

Responsible stance

It is hosting the more committed we have slept in. It was nice to think there is nothing they do not already... Among their many actions, here are the ones that we marked.

All toilets are dry, extremely well kept besides toilets and where the view is often breathtaking. The heating is done with local wood in each room. And as much as possible, the buildings were expected to offer a maximum of light to limit the use of electric lights.

A book in each room allows to review their approach and the actions that each little set up to be a responsible traveler

100% vegetarian meals with products more often from their ground in permaculture and otherwise local

A water fountain is of course available to avoid buying plastic water bottles and a picnic for lunch packages are made of paper. Furthermore, biodegradable SOAP is proposed in the toilets and showers, so that water can directly go and feed the plants. Finally, the sorting here is really detailed and pushed the labels tea bags are retrieved to the small block notes that you find in your rooms.

Originally, the Black Sheep Inn was created by 2 Americans about 15 years ago. At the time the region was absolutely not touristy. They allowed the inhabitants of this rather poor region to develop a healthy and fair tourism. Providing a new source of income for many families. Since then, the couple returned and has decide to leave the hostel to the community. If it isn't that wonderful!

In addition, they use part of their profits to create scholarships, send the children to school, see University.

You have said that they were awesome! And in addition we have forgotten, sure...


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