Picture of the place

Blue Diamond (resto boulangerie)

Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Bakery Restaurant Shopping Beauty

Restaurant vegan friendly for healthy breakfasts, gourmet and tasty at reasonable price compared to the quantity and quality of the dishes served (it's called besides "The Breakfast Club"). Special mention for their bread cereal and banana/passion fruit muffin (a little less for the Multigrain Crescent that looks more like a pastry.

One regret, not being able to test everything so taste them for me please! As we can all take it away and they sell also fruit and a few other products of type SOAP, cream... a nice selection that seemed eco-friendly (in my opinion, these are the same items as in the shop of the same name so rather healthy) organic and ethical)

Responsible stance

Note that all of their Pastry/Bakery is vegan (sometimes even gluten) and their cinnamon roll - including those in the coconut - give more than willing...

Some products are of biological origin


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