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Boentje café

Schaerbeek, BELGIUM
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The coffee Boentje (boentje in Brussels, it means crush), is the crazy project to launch the first coffee Brussels house to target zero waste. Heart and products from here, good for you and the planet. Delicious naked, without unnecessary waste. Let's get you room in your jar, and you will love it!

"With these products from the corner, the coffee Boentje reinvents recipes with Belgian accents; they are born, or even adopted and then adapted to the Belgian by our care. This is given as challenge to show that he has not only mangoes, lawyers or the pineapple that have the rating and we can do miracles with the chard, strawberries, pears and beets and a few carrots."

Responsible stance

Eat LOCAL and ZERO waste
Products from without and with a reduced carbon footprint + 1000 tip here to eliminate or enhance waste.

Furniture decoration lighting and the dishes, everything is recycled and reusable. The burner has been replaced by the sustainable: straws in stainless steel, reusable containers or cloth napkins.

and especially at the Boentje Café, you can bring your containers, and pay only for the content. You can also use the jars offer instructions in €1 and €1 50

And more girls offer workshops to encourage everyone in the way of the zero waste.

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