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Bohol Bee Farm


At the same time accommodation, restaurant, bar, place of discovery and relaxation. This place is the place of our stay in the Philippines. Over a very large area, this magical place that started as a simple vegetable garden has become a real economic centre of responsible travel.

The place is gorgeous and green. The rooms are luxurious and comfortable, while respecting the principles of responsible tourism. The breakfast buffet is served. The Restaurant is amazing, in addition to making the best meals of our 3 week trip, there are also the most beautiful view. We particularly recommend the adobo of Eggplant and the kinilaw, our favorite Filipino setting dishes are at the top of the art.

A small bar and diving center, against the bottom allows to set foot in the water with the impression of being almost alone in the world (nothing to do with Alona Beach), avoid even the lunch hour as buses arrive for lunch in the restaurant huge. A shop of the products of the farm, while organic farming is a great place to earn some goodies for the family (there are few on the island - everything is a little plastic), however we were a little disappointed to find also the object less bo NNE quality.

It is also possible to visit the site and to have more explanation on the farm, its operation, the production of organic honey, etc. Finally, we have not tried, but the resort offers massages and a jacuzzi area.

Responsible stance

The Bee Farm, is the heart of a set of institutions created by the environmentalist Vicky Wallace, it is intended to support and encourage organic farming by the teaching of best practices but also support in communication to allow farmers to have a sustainable and environment-friendly activity.

And more in the rooms we find beauty products provided in large container, from the biological production of the farm. I remember particularly a great shampoo.

The restaurant only offers dishes with products from organic and vegetarian options.

Damage even when there is AC in the rooms, that it's not very green - a natural ventilation system would be able to be found. Moreover, we landed a few questions on the management of food waste, the breakfast and the lunch being served in buffet service.

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Un havre de paix

Un super endroit pour passer quelques jours "au vert". J'y suis resté avec ma famille et on a adoré. Les chambres, la nourriture, le service, le cadre, tout est fait pour qu'on s'y sente comme à la maison!

octobre 2017