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Le Bois du Barde

Mellionnec, FRANCE
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Place between hippie caravan, trailer, Yurt, local organic agriculture, and initiation to Breton culture, gives a pretty clear idea of what can be eco-tourism, when it has the consistency of value short circuits and the culinary heritage and cultural local.

Among the activities of this group, we can discover "home": a natural air of campsite 12 locations, and several unusual accommodation: yurts, trailer, caravan revisited. The rest of the collective, accessible to travellers has an arboreal organic farm cider apples and SAP of birch trees: "the farm of Coat year Bars" and a horse farm which offers one approach to the horse-human relationship respectful of its environment and the animal.

Responsible stance

The wood of the Bard, is a managed sustainably place where respect for the environment is at the heart of everything. Its ecological, global, approach includes the treatment of grey water, recovery of water from rain, compost and dry toilets, workshops of Land Art or creating instruments of music from natural materials. A responsible approach pushed we'd like to know more. RATING environment, the wood of the Bard understood everything.

WATER and waste management
Greywater are handled by basin phytoplantes, collected rainwater. Only dry toilets are available and the 'result' is composted at the bottom of the garden and reintroduced into the natural cycle as a fertilizer. Meanwhile waste sorting is very organized. Buckets are provided on arrival and an incinerator allows the ultimate sort which can be valued.

Fallows with tall grass areas allow biodiversity to be able to stay on the site. The shredding of the branches and crates to cover the foot of the plantations of the land. The site is surrounded by Breton slope with easy to maintain the land of chestnut trees, Oaks and the groves of hazelnut trees.

The lights are energy-saving and are inter-crepusculaires. Furthermore, in order to offer travelers to "travel without car", they offer on their site solutions (train + bus or covoit'admissibles) to avoid to come by car, and are open to transport you during your stay. The small +: a table of available vanpools is displayed at the reception. What we love even more, is that they also offer to rent their asses or their horses to go on walks, in addition to the more traditional bikes. On the administrative side, everything is done to limit the footprint of your stay: saving energy, recycled paper, recycled ink cartridges, bit of impressions...

The wood of the Bard, who is Oasis resource of the movement of hummingbirds, also pays great attention to the respect and the preservation of Breton culture. Signatory of the Charter "Are ar brezhoneg" for the support of the regional languages of Brittany, prevailing as possible within the domain. Furthermore, different Breton terroirs are put in the spotlight and the farm consists of endemic races in the region. Finally, everyone will be happy to make you discover the specificities of Breton culture, also in its architecture.

Finally, in accordance with their values they're doing their best so that everyone has right to vacation. Showers and toilets are accessible to people in wheelchairs, the path on the campsite is passable in part also. The paths are lined and the campground is closed for easy orientation and make it easier to the Visual but also mental disabilities people. Pictograms for information have been implemented. Finally, reservations are possible by fax or mail, for evil hearing people.

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