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In the neighborhood of the street of Faubourg Poissonnière, squarely on the Grands Boulevards in front of the Grand Rex, opened a new kind of restaurant Indian: Bolly Good Fast!

Although I love the atmosphere shifted, kitsch of the traditional Indian restaurants, it's true that this space more streamlined and especially more rapido-presto-j'emporte-pour-manger-devan-my-computer (sic!) immediately attracted me. Then when I saw flour bio, I'm home.

Inside, like a salad bar, you choose the meat (or not), and accompaniments. Also choice of the nans and the lassi. It a bit expensive for a takeaway, but in the vein of the Indian restaurants and so very good. I recommend!

Responsible stance

Here so flour Bio for Nans, even for the odd creations with Nutella and salted butter Caramel.

They operate in flow tight for all products, supply every 2 days and preparations are carried out on site the same day. The Lassis are made with yogurt to a farm of Yvelines, and they promote overall local supply.

In addition to the organic flour, there are really many choices for vegetarians (lot of choice also gluten-free, but at an Indian, not surprising)... Me in my huge tray I: fragrant rice, Zucchini, lentils and eggplant.

NB: By taking away all the packaging were not biodegradable, but yes a lot.

In addition, several original drinks, organic and/or craft are offered including:-one lemonade House: Panakon
-of Bionade.
-beer Bio Elaichi, the Ghoul, Little Red and the Part of angels, too bad they also offer Heineken, Coca Cola and Orangina...

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