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Boutique Solidaire Diapalanté

Saint-Louis, SENEGAL
Arts & Crafts
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The Diapalante shop is a solidarity shop which is part of the Diapalante association, whose offices are located above the shop. Many things are available in the shop: jewelry, soaps, juice and syrups, wooden objects, objects in scrap metal, paintings, fabrics, shoes, grain, decorative items...

Prices are fixed and a portion of the sales are used to fund the activities of the association.

Responsible stance

The Diapalante centre, inaugurated in July 2016, aims to encourage young people in difficult circumstances access to vocational training and the world of work.

The solidarity shop Diapalante values the work of Saint-Louis artisans eager to lend their support to the career of young people. The collected funds are used to finance the activities of the centre.

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