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Had El Brachoua, MOROCCO
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Brachoua is a Moroccan village 50 km from Rabat where to deal with poverty, residents have taken a gamble on permaculture and have achieved food self-sufficiency, in only 3 years.

Supported by a neighbouring association villagers formed organic agriculture and sustainable development. Quickly the gardens have blossomed in the four corners of the village. The number of gardens went from 1 to 40 and allowed to feed the family.

Little by little, Brachoua and its inhabitants have developed new activities including the sale of baskets for the inhabitants of nearby towns and tourism. People come to enjoy the local cuisine and enjoy the beauty of the village and the landscapes.

The village is ideally located in the quiet in order to discover nearby pure air, nature, animals during good markets. Then feast. And especially enjoy a warm and genuine welcome in a village that asking for it.

Responsible stance

Tasting, restaurant and purchase of products of the cooperatives of Brachoua who gives life to the whole village, and of course agriculture sustainable, organic and permaculture.

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Une expérience humaine

J'ai eu l'occasion de séjourner pendant deux jours au village Brachoua l'été 2016, et surtout de rencontrer et échanger avec les femmes du village . A mon avis, le projet montre surtout comment la permaculture a réussi à réconcilier les villageois et leur a montré qu'en travaillant ensemble les bénéfices profitent à toute la communauté. Et puis on y mange des produits sans pesticides(légumes, céréales, poulet, oeufs, miel), et on peut contribuer en faisant du commerce équitable. on peut y accéder en arrivant de Rabat en bus ou grand taxi.

avril 2017