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Buena vista playa

Doing Animals

You participate in the preservation of large sea turtles by volunteering. It's a self-contained camp on a quiet beach and with a remarkable panorama, you are under the supervision of a recognized local association (association ASVÖ) which deals with the preservation of sea turtles that come to lay on the beach.

The building which lodged you is rudimentary but solid, comfort is minimalist, but the key is there! Volunteers must share a room and bathrooms, electricity is obtained through a solar panel.
Day and night the turtles do not wait. Collect the eggs on the beach, bring them back to the nursery and release the babies, this will be your mission. You are not alone but with 8 to 20 volunteers and two camp leaders.
In isolation, this is a real commitment that you are asked. You will be free only on Thursday morning and on Sunday to get into town. It comes to reconnect with nature!
Not need to speak Spanish, English traveller is required to understand the gestures and the camp life.

Responsible stance

Preservation and protection of sea turtles.
Housing works with solar energy


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