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Burbayar Lodge

Darién, PANAMA
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From the lodge are offered many tours including the visit to an Embera, hikes, birding community and visit the Lago Bayano cave.

Responsible stance

According to the Lonely Planet "one of the best jungle retreats to the Panama" and "an ecological lodge has low impact. The lodge in him even was built of recycled materials and local wood, with plenty of natural vents.
Some electricity is provided thanks to a generator, but light for the night is provided by candles and lights the gas.

Attention the surroundings are a reserve of many animals including frogs, your behavior can have a strong impact here. For frogs, remember to wash, possibly disinfect your shoes before go you here, in order to limit the risk of transmission of the fungus that decimated amphibians around the world.

School works with local schools and local communities, maximally recycles its trash, uses solar energy and filtered water.

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