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Buzzz Café d'Alona Beach


The Buzz Café is a café-restaurant and shop local organic products. Perfect for souvenirs original and responsible, which is hard to find on the island of Panglao and particularly Alona Beach. The Restaurant, a bit expensive, is one of the best on the island and probably the best of the beach.

The Buzz coffee to Alona Beach, is part of a set of institutions created by the ecologist Vicky Wallace, composed of several cafes, a restaurant, a farm, a shop and guest rooms.

Responsible stance

The Café offers organic snacks and small green memories. Restaurants offer several vegetarian options, and all of the vegetables are from organic farming. All the institutions of the Bee Farm, which are part 3 Buzzz cafés, supports and encourages organic farming by the teaching of best practices but also communication support to allow for the farmers to have a sustainable and environment-friendly activity.

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