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As indicated by the word game C.REAl is an address where you can stock up on organic cereals of all kinds presented in bulk.
But it's also a very bright coffee-shop where eaten salads in cereals adapted to the times. In September I took a bowl of Vietnam: rice, lettuce iceberg, carrot and other veggies (without pepper thanks) and a fresh juice to the command: Kiwi, lemon, Ginger (without cucumber for me thank you!).
At the point where I share the address, rain is there and it will be rather Bowl cornmeal, vegetables and spices...
It has wifi we can work and spend hours...
I meets a duo of startuppeuses who have their habits of co-working and we gossiped about their project. Super nice atmosphere and the prices are soft...

Responsible stance

vegetarian-vegan - organic...
Organic grain and for the sweet without sugar added (thanks), the loose, fresh and... Of responsible procurement practices: circuit course for fruits and vegetables and few stocks to limit losses. Besides actually no loss because fact to order and if the cereals have not been consumed or purchased quickly (rare according to the owner because there is flow) going to charities!
And then a + for the welcome, I put Paris in responsible practices also because sick people not kind when we got a shop or restaurant!

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