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Cabins by Eco-hotel

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One of the hotels 7 the small chain of hotels Eco-hotel. This one, located in Tagaytay, in front of the Mall Ayala Serin, offers a friendly atmosphere and will offer you a welcome drink in the lobby between 5:30 and 6:30 pm.

Responsible stance

As you may have guessed Eco hotel is a small chain of hotels in the Philippines who says eco-friendly. We had visit one on our trip in 2016, that of Panglao. In our opinion, in the modern category and comfort, this is a very nice approach and rare, although we prefer them always a little b & b nature.

Here, the supplies are if possible ecological and staff awareness environmental practices including management of waste and management of green spaces.

Moreover, some of the buildings, furniture and decoration was conducted with recycled materials and objects/second hand furniture.

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