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Café BUN

Montpellier, FRANCE
Coffee Shop

Coffee / artisanal roaster, tea room and restaurant lunch, while a very charming! Tasting of coffees, drinks, teas and cakes "home-made". I love the iced latte chai!

Responsible stance

Here the priority is the quality of the coffee. The boss is a fan and that's why he created this small property. No label need to know that the coffee and tea, it is the best of the best. Tiny producers, from the 4 corners of the world. And if the fair label is not part of the story, the producers are paid well beyond the minimum required by the labels.

Normal priority the right products, maximum seasonal and local. Not to display it, we are here really in the reasoned logic! Breakfast, the meats are farm, there is generally a veggie option and often without gluten.

Small +, normally the straws are made of recycled plastic. It's not perfect, but not bad. Don't forget to ask your drinks without straw.

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