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Café Factory République


With the kindest of receptions, the Republic Factory coffee is a coffee shop, a little Brewery also. It is the ideal place for breakfast but also breakfast, snack or an aperitif. The kitchen is home and made with fresh products and industrial design is super cool. I'm a big favorite for the School Board, which serves as a giant Menu.

Responsible stance

Everything is not engaged here, but a few points should be reported in addition to the friendly including the proposal of natural or organic wine and cookies gluten.

For their efforts to provide for a better future I especially identified:
-straws do not systematically provide (ask if we want one or make available at the bar for those who care) or cardboard straws or reusable/washable aluminum straws or even bio-degradable plastic straws (Yes it) even exist in the meetings of Arles they have).
-Moreover, the sugar for the coffee could be offered in bulk in a small cup (there) is suggested in individual sachets - coffee could be fair trade coffee.

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