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Café-lecture Les Augustes

Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE

Cleverly located - in a quiet street close to one of the main shopping streets of the city - the place is open to all those who wish, without obligation to consume and is open year-round, Monday to Saturday , from 11: 00 to 23: 00. The coffee-reading the August is a true reference in popular education, cultural democratization and social and solidarity economy at local and County.

In 1998 the struggle against illiteracy was his first fight. Since then, the coffee did early to diversify. Today, offering a myriad of activities, it intends to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves, flourish, or even, if he wishes to get involved in the life of the place. From the simple but nonetheless fundamental principle that we are all holders of knowledge, the coffee-reading the August is that stimulating both inspiring place, where it is good to spend time.

There are strong bet that the future regular that you cannot fail to invest the very strategic "pink lounge" or the incomparable "blue sofa". We prefer to warn you: once tested, you will experience much trouble get - you - it! And if Clermont-Ferrand has many associative bars and other coworking spaces, this is obviously the warmest of all.

The coffee-reading the August is also the perfect place for:
-Read the press, a comic book, a trial and all that feasible support paper;
-Drink a glass or a cup (you can even choose your Cup, Word to smart a bit heavy);
-Feasting on the thumb or not fresh produce.
-Laze on the terrace when the Sun is in the mood;
-Receive a free wifi connection.
-Talk about the rain, good-time as the Higgs of Higgs or method Chekhov, all in french, English or German subtitles sign language;
-Play the piano until the beginning of the night.
-Connect with the cream of the crop of the human;
-Offer or participate in an activity as unexpected as is;
-Use the 100% certified euro or 100% local.
-Offload some parts to allow the next to benefit from a "coffee-suspended";
-Enjoy a free access computer.
-Live, incidentally.

Responsible stance

For pay, testing the local currency.
For a fair trade coffee, and to pay in advance for the next which needs (principle of the suspended coffee)
And well, to share, discover, meet, explore, enjoy, educate...
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